Few things business website should have


Sep 2016

Few things business website should have

Website is what? It is an easiest way of showing your business to the people all around the world. This helps your business gains popularity and also in improving the sale of your products. Therefore, it becomes an essential element that your website should have all the necessary features that a business website should have. Small business owners often examine many things that makes a good website like color scheme, strong visuals while building a website. Each of these is crucial but there are many more other factors that forms strong business website.

Let’s discuss few things that play an integral role in the building of a successful website:

1. About Us page - When a visitor first time browses your website, the About Us page will be the first page that he/she will navigate just to know more about your business. If your website will lack somewhere in this page then there are chances that the visitor may lose interest in your business. Remember that by adding an About Us page to your website you are providing your website an identity and therefore it becomes mandatory that your About Us page should be good enough.

2. Contact details - Visitor landing on your website mostly looks for your company or gathers information related to your company. However, sometimes they may look for more information about your business or wish to express their interest in your products and services so it becomes vital that they find it easy to do and this can be done by providing them contact details which are easy to find. The Contact Us page of your website should have contact form, phone number, email and social media contact details. Also, it would be a good idea if you provide your postal address, email and phone number to every page of your business website like somewhere as in footer.

3. A mobile - friendly version of your business website - Today 9 out of 10 consumers have started using smartphones to shop and this has created much of attention on creating a mobile friendly browsing experience to the visitors. Browsing on mobile phones and tablets is a different experience as compared to the desktop. People after ending up with their tiring daily schedule usually don’t prefer to go out for shopping and therefore it becomes crucial that they can easily access your website through their smartphones.

4. Meta data - Small business owners develop a website which looks great and offers visitors all the necessary content or information. However, these business owners do not pay attention to how the website looks to the different search engines. Metadata is the one which if included explains the search engines that what each page of the website is all about. This is how Metadata helps search engines in knowing about the details of your website.

5. A blog - Often many businesses miss the most important portion of the website like blog. After the website has gone live blogs are the best way of adding content. Blogs keeps the customers engaged and also provides you with a wonderful platform to announce changes in your products and services as and when needed. The major advantage of updating blogs is to receive SEO benefits. If these blogs are correctly updated regularly they can provide your visitors with all the necessary information and will also help in creating back links to your articles These back links will surely help you in improving the SEO of your business website.

It is advisable to every business owners that they should importantly consider all the above mentioned points while developing their business website.

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