Some undeniable facts why your business needs a Responsive website


Aug 2016

Some undeniable facts why your business needs a Responsive website

Today it's not at all surprising that mobile internet usage has been raising high over the last some years. As more and more people have started using smart phones and tablets, one thing is very clear that mobile is taking over internet surfing and not just surfing but everything from browsing social media outlets, checking of emails and also for doing some online shopping. With the steady increase in the internet usage in mobile it has now become extremely important that your website is mobile friendly. For this you need a company which has a good team of experts with an experience of website designing for desktop and mobile both. If you are looking for a company, with these competencies in Delhi than you are just few steps away from Benzaitens Group of Technologies.

Let's discuss some undeniable reasons why your website needs to be responsive:

1. User should have positive experience is a must : If a user lands on your mobile website and doesn't finds what he/she was looking for than surely he will get frustrated and there are chances that he will immediately leave and go to another website and on the other hand if he will have a positive experience, he will buy a product or use your services.

2. Blogging and social media activities bring visitors : If you have incorporated blogging and social media in your strategy, you will than probably experience increased mobile traffic. A recent study has proved that 55% of social media consumption occurs through mobile devices.

3. Mobile usage is steadily increasing : Despite of the growing demand of responsive website there are still many businesses that do not have a mobile friendly website. Look below for why you should stop ignoring the need for a mobile website- More than 20% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices, 25% of internet users only access internet on mobiles, About 25.85% of emails are opened by users on mobiles and 10.16% are opened on tablets.

4. Responsive websites will adapt to future devices : One of the biggest benefits that the responsive design of the websites provides is that the size of the template is designed based on the size of the screen and not the device. This shows that no matter on what screen size someone is viewing your website, your website will display properly on that screen size. This in future will help you when new devices will gain popularity, your responsive website will still look beautiful.

In the end of the article I would like to suggest every business owner to have their own responsive website if they don't want to lose their potential customers and wish to stay ahead in competition.

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